Background History on Dr. Taylor

Dr. Wilma Taylor was born in Birmingham, Alabama to Willie and Leatrice Hamilton. She is presently the last of four siblings. She received her education from Lewis Elementary, Parker High, Olin Vocational Miles College, the Medical Center School of Nursing (Columbus, GA), training in Psychiatric Nursing at Tuskegee Institute.

Upon coming to Chicago in 1961. Dr.Taylor was employed at Veteran’s Administration Hospital and served in many positions; from team member to supervisor of nursing shifts as assigned. She also served as an instructor for the following categories: nursing assistance, death & dying as well as EEO counselor. Taylor continued her education by attending Illinois Teacher’s College now known as Chicago State University. She also attended other seminars that certified her in various areas of specialty as her life progressed. In addition to the training mentioned above, Dr. Taylor has taken the following classes/seminars/workshops:

• Trained grant writer
• Certified grant reviewer
• 40 Hour Course on Domestic Violence
• Certified Advanced Youth Worker; a course she has used to enhance her work with youth since 1992 conducting various youth summer camps with the support of the Chicago Youth Department, Caldwell Academy and various churches in the City of Chicago.

Dr. Taylor is the CEO of Wilma Taylor Ministries Restoration Hope – a youth and senior service ministry. This organization is a state and federal tax exempt company. The company was started in Chicago as the Christ Is The Answer organization in 1976. She has also served as the voice of the broadcast “HELP” on WYCA.

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Wilma Taylor, President and CEO of Wilma Taylor Ministries promises a powerful message of hope.

As an Evangelist when Dr.Wilma Taylor speaks, even Corporate America listens. A registered nurse, minister, motivationalist, revivalist and trainer, who has a life changing message with an unusual way of reaching people.

Dr. Taylor feels listening is an art that is frequently neglected. Are we neglecting the cries of our children, our companions, our friends, the elderly and God? There are fears, delusions, depression, self destruction, substance abuse, domestic violence, illness and poverty plaguing our society. It was apparent before September 11th and even more pronounced after. Cries are sweeping across our nation. But are we really listening?

Dr. Wilma Taylor frequently speaks to the media and corporations about:

• Corporate America for Christ

• Special Ministries for Seniors

• High Risk Youth

• Minister to Families of Incarcerated Persons

• Training Care Givers

• Health Services

• Artist Bureau

• Motivational/Conference Speaker

Inspirational Words

A man's gift maketh room for him,

and bringeth him before great men.

Proverbs 18:16