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Dr. Wilma Taylor gave her life to Christ in 1971 at Apostolic Faith Church under the leadership of Bishop John S. Holly. Bishop Holly’s mentorship aided her in being able to embrace the word of God and use it to impact her everyday life challenges. Other leaders and mentors that impacted her life are the following: Apostle Richard D. Henton, Bishop William H. Bonner, Bishop Robert R. Sanders, Mother Anna C. Ford, Mother Irene A. Oakley, Mother Elizabeth Crooms, Mother Willie M. Rivers: the president of the Women’s Department of the Church of God in Christ, Mother Carriie Dinwiddie and many others.

Mother Taylor has served the Department of Missions and Missionaries as a worker since joining the Church of God in Christ in 1983. Serving 3rd world countries such as St. Thomas, V.I. and other carribean areas, Haiti as negotiator and special aide to Mother Irene Oakley until Mother Oakley’s passing. She was special worker with Mother Anna Ford in Bermuda for years but she also evangelized many 3rd world countries. Thru her personal ministries running revivals, conducting workshops as well as aiding pastor’s in their mission. Dr. Taylor served the Department of Evangelism of the Church of God in Christ as Regional Elect Lady and Director of Region 7 training serving Maryland, Virginia, Carolina, Washington DC., until 2005 when she was selected to serve as Supervisor of Women in Guyana, South America with Bishop David M. Eubanks. Her goal is to develop the Women of that country as well as empower them to develop ministries that will aide them in fulfilling their destinies. Dr. Taylor also seeks to build a health clinic and educational facility that will serve as a skill training facility, partnering with the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Taylor has received several awards from the City of Chicago, Sweet Holy Spirit Ministry/Church of God in Christ, Who’s Who in the Church of God in Christ and others. Presently, she serves in the education system as a member of the Local School Council at Caldwell Academy/Chicago, Il. She is also a motivational speaker, member of the Chicago Board of Education, Assistant Supervisor of Women in the Church of God in Christ; 5th East Jurisdiction and Supervisor of Women of Guyana, South America. She requests your prayers and support to fulfill the assignment given her by the call and commission on her life.

She’s the mother of Terryal “Zim” Hamilton a musician in the State of Illinois and producer/radio show host of Jazz in Flight along with his wife, Lydia “Phoenix” Hamilton.

Most of the later accomplishments were bestowed upon Dr. Taylor after a near death experience in 2005; this includes her doctorate degree.

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