History of Operation Guyana

In 2004, after being offered to work in Guyana, South America.  Dr. Wilma Taylor (affectionately called Mother Taylor by many) went to do conduct some fact finding about the country, it's needs and what effect the Church of God in Christ had on the country. She also sought to discover what churches were active there and how many people were members and workers for the Church of God in Christ.  She discovered that they were still in the process of building a church and had been trying to do so for 10 or more years.  There were still three small missions with a combined membership of less than 50 people.

The leadership was under the direction of Mother Elizabeth Garner, a native Guyanian, who after being introduced to the Church of God in Christ in Barbados; came home and started a work.  To this day, she continues to work with Dr. Taylor's administrative assistant in Guyana.  Mother Garner has not had the opportunity to come to the states to be trained or experience the joy of seeing the national church at work.  However, she has many vision that, due to lack of support, have not manifested yet. 

After going to Guyana, Dr. Wilma Taylor wrote a report and initiated a proposal for funding to help the country.  In 2005, Bishop David M. Eubanks was appointed Bishop of Guyana and was prompted by the spirit of God to choose Dr. Taylor as Supervisor of Women.  With this action, history was made!   Guyana had responsible leadership.  Dr. Taylor has been attentive to the saints, keeping them inspired and encouraged to move to other levels of faith.  Consequently, a school for underpriviledged children has been started, headed by Mother Garner.

Dr. Taylor's vision is to build a health clinic with a focus on HIV prevention and care; this is a very prevalent need in Guyana, S.A.  It is one of the 15 countries Former President, George Bush allocated funds to help. Dr. Taylor also envisions building an educational facility to train workers to be prepared to keep the health and educational facilities running. As a direct result, God opened a door with the Ministry of Health for partnership in this goal.

In 2009, by faith, Dr. Taylor; through the prompting and direction of the holy spirit, hosted a Women's Conference.  This was achieved with the help of Mother Annette James, Supervisor of Trinidad-Tobago and her administrator in the U.S., Co-Pastor, Jacqueline Powell.  The theme for the conference was "Women Moving Women To Another Level: Focus, Embracing Your Destiny." The conference was a tremendous success and inpiration, plans for 2010 are in process.  In addition to the Women's Conference, there are 5 mission that are being served in Guyana, S.A. 

Operation Guyana continues to be headed by Bishop David Eubanks and Dr. Wilma H. Taylor who is the Supervisor of the Women’s Department of Guyana, S.A.  The main office is based in Chicago.
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The mission of the Women’s Department of Guyana, S.A is dedicated and committed to respond to the needs of the people of Guyana. The focus of the mission is to teach the people of Guyana to be leaders, live victoriously and empower them to improve the lives of others in their community.

“ To promote unity, sustain spiritual growth and wellness through educational programs; leadership training and compassionate partnerships addressing the concerns, needs and issues of the Women of Guyana.”


To teach life skills, introduce health measures especially those associated with children, orphans and others troubled or affected by the HIV virus. An additional long term goal for the Women’s Department of Guyana, S.A is to build a health and education facility. Spiritual guidance for overcoming the negative aspects of life will also be included in all aspects of the agenda for Operation Guyana.

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Women of Guyana Staff & Supporters

Goals & Services


Socially offer relief to economic issues
by teaching decision making and building
positive interpersonal relationships.

  • Conferences
  • Seminars/Workshops
  • Crusades
  • Nutrition
  • Decision Making
  • Job Readiness
  • Youth Ministries
  • Health Awareness
  • HIV
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Conditions
  • Hypertension
  • Emotional and Spiritual Issues

The following individual work timelessly
to support the Church of God in Christ
and Dr. Taylor in the mission of servicing
the people of Guyana, S.A.

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