Operation Guyana Staff and Support Team

Bishop Blake
Pastor Ester Cale
Elizabeth Crooms
Elder David Daniels
Bishop Eubanks
Elder James Hornsby
Lady Janice Hornsby
Mother A. King
Bishop Moody
Jacquelyn Powell
Mother Rivers
Noma Roberson

About the Staff

Elder David D. Daniels
Elder Daniels has been an ordained minister of the Church of God in Christ since 1980.  He served on the Historical Commission, chaired by Bishop Ithiel Clemmons.  He also serves as a member of the Commission on Education and was a member of the new Constitution Commission for his denomination.   Daniel joined the faculty of McCormick Theological Seminary in 1987 and is currently the Professor of Church History.  He is a member of St. Luke COGIC, Chicago, and Fifth Illinois-East Jurisdiction where he serves as the Director of Education for jurisdiction.

Along with his many accomplishments, Elder Daniels is a co-author of Religion in the New Urban Era along with Lowell Livezey, Paul Numrich, and Elfriede Wedam.  He is also the author of various articles on the history of Christianity and contributing author for book reviews published in many Theological journals and magazines.